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New Haven Farms was founded in 2012 to respond to these intersecting crises of diabetes, obesity, environmental degradation, and poverty by promoting health and community development through urban agriculture. In partnership with local healthcare providers, our programs and farms work towards wellness by harnessing the energy of the community and the potential of vacant urban land. Through teaching cooking and nutrition skills, training community health leaders, and creating access to resources, New Haven Farms grows food as medicine in our city.

On our farms, we grow high quality organic produce and host educational programming for families in the community, all towards a vision of a world where every family has access to fresh and healthy foods, food is used to prevent disease, and cities are health hubs filled with gardens, green spaces, and educational programs that promote community vitality.

New Haven Farms’ signature program, the Farm-Based Wellness Program, demonstrates how regular exposure to and participation in growing food, combined with cooking and nutrition education and behavior change interventions, positively impacts the participants’ health, social capital, and food security.

Explore our other programs: Incubator Garden Program and Community Health Ambassadors.

We also run a Community Supported Agriculture program.


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